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Looking for garages offering reliable suspension repairs Wrexham?

Get in touch with Martin Motor Group for comprehensive suspension repairs at cost-effective prices. We are housed at Llwyn Knottia Farm Abenbury, Wrexham, LL13 9TT.

What is the use of a suspension system?

The suspension system of your car is primarily responsible for ensuring a comfortable and stable ride by absorbing all the shocks felt while driving on irregular roads. It consists of various components like springs, struts, and shock absorbers that work together for efficient handling of the shocks felt while driving.

Car experts recommend changing the suspension of cars approximately every 80000 miles or more. However, if you experience the symptoms mentioned below, visit us right away for reliable car suspension repair Wrexham:

  • Uneven Tread/ Tyre Wear
  • Excessive Bouncing Of The Car
  • Pulling Or Drifting Towards A Side
  • Unusual Noise While Accelerating/ Decelerating
  • Difficulty Steering In Corners At High Speeds
  • Suspension Fluid Leaks
  • Visible Damage Like Broken Or Rusted Springs
  • Vehicle Tilted towards One Side
  • Excessive Dipping during Braking
  • Vibrations While Driving Even On Smooth Roads

If you notice any of the above-mentioned tell-tale symptoms of a faulty suspension system, navigate to our homepage to book our suspension repair service.

For your convenience, you can now pick the service time according to your schedule.

Car Suspension Inspection & Repair Wrexham

At Martin Motor Group, some of the services you can expect from us are:

  • Inspection: We conduct thorough inspections of your vehicle's suspension system, including shocks, springs, struts, control arms, and other components.
  • Shock and Strut Replacement: Our mechanics then replace worn-out or damaged shocks and struts with high-quality, OE-grade spare parts to restore the ride comfort and stability of your car.
  • Spring Replacement: In case of any damages in the coil or leaf rings, we provide genuine replacement for efficient suspension.
  • Control Arm Repair or Replacement: Our mechanics will check for any kind of issues with control arms, bushings, and other connecting components to ensure proper alignment of the suspension system. We also offer OE-grade replacements for worn-out or damaged bushings and mounts to enhance the stability of your suspension system.
  • Alignment Services: Finally, after we have completed all the necessary suspension repairs and replacements Wrexham, our mechanics ensure that all the wheels are properly aligned.

For more information about our suspension repair and replacement service, reach out to us at 07779 100323.

Why Choose MMG?

  • Certified Technicians: Our technicians are certified, experienced, and trained in identifying and repairing various suspension issues efficiently.
  • Quality Parts: At MMG we use high-quality, genuine OE-grade spare parts to ensure the reliability and longevity of your car’s suspension system.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our mechanics strive to deliver suspension repair/ replacement services that meet the highest standards.

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